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Baptist Men

We are a Christian missions organization that is an auxiliary to the Stallings Memorial Baptist Church. The purpose of Baptist Men is to help Christian men share the love of Jesus through prayer, giving, going, and becoming actively involved in missions with their time and talents.

The Stallings Memorial Baptist Men’s mission is built on these four cornerstones:

Evangelize Men to Salvation and

into the Church
Introduce lost men to Jesus Christ and engage Christian men in sharing their faith.

Equip Men

for Ministry
Develop faithful, maturing Christian men.

Establish Men to Spiritual Maturity
Help men discover and use their spiritual gifts.

Extend Men on Missions
Engage men to be on mission with God in their workplaces, communities and world.

Stallings Baptist Men participate in various ministries and missions to the church family and in our local and state communities. They provide a meal ministry by serving a monthly breakfast and lunch for the church and community. They also provide a free, yearly Thanksgiving meal for the community. Our men are busily involved in construction projects such as building ramps for the disabled and other handyman jobs. Economic needs projects,
children’s projects, caring for the elderly, and healthcare projects are also a part of their ministries and missions.

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