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Statement of Faith

1. We believe that the Holy Bible, written by men divinely inspired, and full of unmixed truth, is a perfect rule of faith and practice; it is the infallible Word of God. 

2. We believe in one God — Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 
3. We believe that humanity, once holy, fell by voluntary transgression from that happy state, and is now utterly void of holiness. 
4.  We believe that sinners are saved by grace alone. 
5. We believe that persons are justified by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
6. We believe that salvation is open to all who will accept the Gospel. 
7. We believe that, except a person is renewed by the Holy Spirit, he/she is not qualified or prepared for the kingdom of Christ on earth, or to enjoy His glory  hereafter. 
8. We believe that repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are the duties of everyone who hears the Gospel. 
9. We believe that election is the eternal purpose of God, by which he graciously regenerates, sanctifies and saves sinners. 
10. We believe that sanctification, begun in regeneration, and ever progressive, is the process by which we are made to partake of God’s holiness. 
11. We believe in the preservation of the saints; that they are kept by the power of  God  through faith unto salvation. 
12. We believe that God’s law is the only, the eternal and unchangeable, rule of His church and moral government. 
13. We believe that a church of Christ is a congregation of baptized believers, united in the faith and fellowship of the Gospel, observing the ordinances and obeying the laws of Christ; and that its officers are pastors, deacons and trustees. 
14. We believe that Christian baptism is the immersion of a believer, in water, by a  properly qualified administrator, into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 
15. We believe that the Lord’s Supper is open to all who acknowledge Christ as Lord and Savior. 
16. We believe that the Lord’s Day or Christian Sabbath should be devoutly observed and sacredly devoted to religious services. 
17. We believe that civil government is of divine appointment, and that the governors of States and nations should be obeyed, when the laws they seek to enforce are not in conflict with the Gospel. 
18. We believe in the future resurrection of the dead. 
19. We believe in the final judgement; and that, in that day, the righteous and wicked will be separated forever. 
20. We believe that the righteous will be made happy forever in heaven, and the wicked miserable forever in hell. 
21. We believe marriage, as defined in the Bible, is a union between one man and one  woman.

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